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TF2 Warehouse - Item: PDA2 urinal slot machine Level 1 Craft Item craft slot token primary Used to specify a loadout slot in blueprints.2011 ..Fabricate Class Token (Scout). Washington National Slots From the list of blueprints under the Crafting Items category ..

So, what are slot tokens? What are they good for? I go through that in this video. Tf2 Wiki Slot Token Pda2 - Tf2 Wiki Slot Token Pda2. How do you make a Dead Ringer in TF2! Qualtiy but cheap price slot machine tokens for different ! Slot Token - PDA2 - - Team Fortress 2 Prices and stats for Slot Token - PDA2, an item in Team Fortress 2.

How to get Slot Token - PDA2?. Slot Token - PDA2 - Suggestion: Slot Token - PDA2 - Marketplacetf Buy and sell TF2 items quickly and safely. Read more 8, 86 q x2 The Pocket Purrer Read more 3, 97 q x1 Slot Token. For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a. Can you craft it using Rebuild Slot Token recipie and a spy watch? Can you still craft a.

Team Fortress 2 Crafting FAQ | GuideScroll The Engineer’s Destroy Tool is also in this slot. The PDA2 Token originally had the appearance of a bottle but Valve fixed it a day after the update. Here is what it looks like now. You can use the PDA2 Token to craft another watch, but if you had 3 already that’d probably be a waste. I’d save them, to show them off :P. Q. Fabricate Slot Token - 1 Flare Gun , and 2 Jarate , will ... You need to sign in through Steam to see additional information.TF2 Secondary Slot Token [Crafting] - YouTube Slot Token - PDA2 - How to get Slot Token - PDA2? Tokens for Slot Machines Qty: Zwischensumme: Promotional Multiple classes Item numbering Level 1 Hat Zombie tested, braaaains approved.

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Mu Socket Slot Token, Processor Socket and Slot Types | Microprocessor Types and Specifications | InformIT Concheror - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki It is a light brown wooden box with dark brown corners and a quad diamond shaped insignia, accompanied by a conch shell. A white, slightly tattered, vertical banner flag with the same diamond insignia secured onto a pair of bamboo sticks … Crusader's Crossbow - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team

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TF2: How do you craft a PDA2 token? | Yahoo Answers Oct 01, 2011 · TF2: How do you craft a PDA2 token? So I have a spy class token, but I don't know what to combine to create a PDA token, to get the dead ringer or Cloak and Dagger Does, anyone know what I need to combine to create a PDA token? In Team Fortress 2, how do you craft a PDA2 Slot Token for the Spy? Can I buy items to craft Tokens in tf2?