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The Black Pearl | Pirates Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by ... The Black Pearl Weapon(s) owned 32 cannons Captained By Captain Jack Sparrow Captain Hector Barbossa Joshamee Gibbs Ship Type Galleon First appearance The Curse of the Black Pearl The Black Pearl, often simply referred to as the Pearl, is a fictional pirate ship that figures prominently in... Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Quotes Depp gets all the good lines and steals the show, recruiting Orlando Bloom (a blacksmith and expert swordsman) and Keira Knightley (a lovely governor's daughter) on an adventurous quest to recapture the notorious Black Pearl, a ghost ship commandeered by Jack's nemesis Capt. Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), a mutineer desperate to reverse the curse that left him and his (literally) skeleton crew in a state of eternal, undead damnation. Black Pearl - Wikipedia Black Pearl. The Black Pearl is a fictional ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. (The physical ship used as a prop during filmmaking is actually named the Sunset.) In the screenplay, the Black Pearl is easily recognized by her distinctive black hull and sails. Captained by Jack Sparrow she is said to be "nigh uncatchable".

Dec 18, 2015 ... Go behind the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. ... 5. Johnny Depp was really steering the ship in the film. 11 Things You ... 10. The part of Jack Sparrow was written with Hugh Jackman in mind.

Black Pearl | Disney Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia However, days after Jack Sparrow was shanghaied aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, Angelica showed Jack a cabinet full of ships in bottles, the Black Pearl among them. The Pearl was enclosed in a glass bottle, where it would sail on a shrunken, churning ocean. Snippets of Jack: "What the Black Pearl is, is Freedom"

The characterization of Sparrow is based on a combination of The Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards and Looney Tunes cartoon character Pepé Le Pew.

Crew of the Black Pearl | PotC Wiki - The crew of the Black Pearl was a pirate crew that served aboard the infamous pirate ship known as the Black Pearl. Having embarked on many an adventure, the crew operated across the Seven Seas, most notably in the Caribbean. In the Age of Piracy, there were two captains of the Black Pearl: Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa. Jack Sparrow - Wikipedia Jack Sparrow. Sparrow is introduced seeking to regain his ship, the Black Pearl, from his mutinous first mate, Hector Barbossa. Later he attempts to escape his blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones while fighting the East India Trading Company . Jack Sparrow and Will seized ship. Pirates of the Sep 01, 2017 · Jack Sparrow and Will seized ship. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) 720p INSTAGRAM: Jack Sparrow | Characters | Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (film) In the 18 th century, Captain Jack Sparrow is roguish yet charming, as he sails the Caribbean. But Jack’s idyllic life capsizes after his nemesis, the wily Captain Barbossa, steals his ship, the Black Pearl, and later attacks the town of Port Royal, kidnapping the Governor’s beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Swann.

What's so great about The Black Pearl (Jack Sparrow's ship ...